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Hey Honey!

Not sure where to start planning?

Have burning questions for vendors?

Not sure what questions you should have?

Want to hear from past brides about their experience?

Need to know how to handle that new Mother in Law?

Not sure what traditions are great and which are old fashioned?

Hooch and Honey Podcast is the perfect place for all brides to get all of that answered and MORE! 

Each Monday we put out a new show about the planning process, featuring amazing vendor spotlights where experts answer all your hard hitting questions; interviews with past brides so you don't make their mistakes but, also the best things they did!

Whether your newly engaged and don't know where to start, or you're 3 weeks from the big day; we have amazing advice, tips and insider info to make your wedding THE BEST DAY EVER!

Join our Hive! It's like having a super cool wedding vendor gang to hang out with!

(Plus, we won't judge if you only want to talk wedding stuff, we get it!)

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September 7th, 2020